Vocal training meets vocal lessons

Cutting-Edge Vocal Training

YouTube and other sources are fraught with information about singing that’s either outdated, contradictory, or just plain wrong. Here, follow some of the industry’s leading vocal coaches as they walk you through technique, style, growing your range, and more – with even more courses on the way!

Feedback from a Professional Vocal Coach

One of the major drawbacks of generic training is that it’s difficult to tell if you’re applying some of the principles correctly. So with RISE, you will record yourself singing and one of our professional coaches will get back to you with what you’re doing well and what you can do to improve your individual voice. 

No-Stress Performance Opportunities

All singers want more confidence in their performing. Confidence comes from doing, so take the first step by signing up for one of our Virtual Stage performances. Since all RISE members are learning & growing, it’s a judgement-free zone. Your confidence will skyrocket if you get used to singing even just one minute a week in front of others!

Live Q&As & Master Classes

Still have questions? One (or more!) of our coaches will go live at least twice per week to answer questions and even work with members one-on-one to demonstrate how to overcome various vocal hurdles. Feel free to participate or simply watch and learn!

All for less than a single voice lesson per month

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