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Transformative training with personal feedback, video lessons, and community livestreams.

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Rise bridges the gap between expensive lessons and affordable (yet incomplete) vocal training programs. Our program gives you the individualized attention of regular voice lessons, while providing you pre-recorded vocal training for you to learn and play with at your own pace.

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One-on-one coaching with vocal feedback

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Ken has helped us establish our sound vocally and has helped us become the singers we are today.
Gabriela & Bianca
Diamond Dixie
Finally, I could understand how to use my voice. I learned how to make my voice do things I wanted instead of hoping.
Jared J.

A community that learns together, grows together

Virtual Stage

Get comfortably sharing your talent with others through weekly performance opportunities.

Q&A Livestreams

Learning leads to questions. Ask in the portal 24/7, or join for our weekly Q&A livestream.

Office Hours & Special Guest

Learn more about how to get where you want to go through our office hours & master classes.

Ken helped me experience what healthy singing felt like and set me on the path to a better voice.
J. Ellis
Black Tent Revival

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