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Here at Rise Singing, we believe that learning to sing should be fun and easy. The problem is, while the principles of good singing are straight forward, the application of these principles varies dramatically from singer to singer because we all have different habits of using our voice.

This is why so many people struggle to learn from vocal training courses or books. They learn what to do in theory, but lack the understanding of how to apply it in their own voice. This leaves you confused, frustrated, and often times right back where you started. 

That’s why we created our Rise Singing Membership. We want to not only teach you the principles of good singing, and to walk with you along your vocal journey and help make sure that you’re staying on the right path.

When you become a member, you’ll get access to hours worth of video training helping you learn how to best use your voice. If you have any questions, all you need to do is hop on our weekly livestream Q&A and ask our professional coaches. 

But most importantly, twice monthly you’ll submit a recording of your singing to us, and your coach will give you suggestions on how to move forward with your voice. NO ONE ELSE OFFERS THIS! Why? It’s time consuming and expensive. But we believe it’s worth it to ensure you get the best results possible.

Our premium membership is available to you for less than what you’d pay for one voice lesson a month, and you can cancel anytime (but we doubt you’ll want to). 

There is a catch though… since personalized feedback takes time, we can only accept so many members. That said, when we reach a certain number, we have to close the doors and will no longer be able to accept new members. So if you’re interested, don’t delay. JOIN the RISE SINGING MEMBERSHIP today.